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Root Canal


Why You Absolutely Need It to Save Your Teeth

Do you have a cavity? Are you worried you might need an extraction? Is root canal treatment painful?

Here are all your questions answered:

Do you need Root Canal Treatment?

If you have a cavity and your tooth is damaged or severely worn down, chances are you need a root canal. If you have had a filling previously and had problems since you might need a root canal. An untreated cavity or injury will lead to a bacterial infection. In this root canal procedure, your dentist will remove the damaged part of your tooth. He will then clean and disinfect your tooth. Then your tooth will be filled and covered with a cap also known as a crown.

  • What is the procedure of Root Canal?

    If you think you might be in the need of a root canal because of all the symptoms mentioned above, do make an appointment with your dentist. At your visit, these steps will happen:

    • A dental X-ray: Your dentist will examine your tooth and the decay with an X-ray.
    • Anesthesia: Your tooth will be made numb by an injection. Hey! Don’t worry a root canal is a straight forward procedure no more painful than a filling.
    • Removal of Infection: The diseased part of the tooth will be removed.
    • Filling: The opened part of the tooth is filled with two kinds of material, a root filling material and a cement and sealed off before a crown is placed on your newly root canal treated tooth.

    The root canal duration is usually 2-3 visits. It may vary from patient to patient depending on the amount of infection present in the roots.

    A root canal is a surefire way to save you from the irreversible loss of a tooth because of an extraction. You can have normal function of your tooth and expect to chew and talk easily. With proper care, your root canal will serve you well for a long, long time!