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Digital Xray

Dental X-Rays

How to Save Your Time and Money

Not only are dental X-rays safe but they are the key tool for diagnosis. The right and timely diagnosis by your dentist will not only save your time but your money as well!

Here’s how:

Dental x rays help in diagnosing your oral health issues with accuracy. They also help in preventing an issue before it becomes a major problem.

An X-ray is a radiation that passes through soft tissues like cheeks and gums and is absorbed by dense tissues like bone and teeth.

There are 2 types of x rays, intraoral and extra oral. Intraoral X rays are taken inside the mouth and an extra oral x-ray is taken outside the mouth. Intraoral X rays are more common and help your dentist in:

  • Finding cavities
  • Looking at the roots of teeth for root canal
  • Checking bone and jaw health
  • Identifying the extent of gum disease
  • Looking at the growth of developing teeth in younger patients
  • Judging overall oral health

Are dental X rays safe?

X rays do have radiation but the level of this radiation is very low. This is considered safe for adults and children. Digital X rays are even safer. At Dr Saqib Minhas and associates you will get the benefit of digital X rays!

There are no serious side effects of dental X rays. The only exception is in pregnant women who are not advised to get an x-ray done unless there is a dental emergency and the proper protocol is followed.

How often should I get dental X rays?

You should get an X-ray every 6 months. This is so that your dentist can catch decay and disease in time before it spreads. Children and teens need more frequent x rays than adults.

How is a dental X-ray taken?

A digital X-ray is so safe that a beam is only focused on the part that needs to be in the X-ray. High speed films are used to take X rays. This reduces the amount of radiation to the patient. The patient is often made to wear a lead body apron which protects the body from any stray radiation.