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Child Dentistry

No More Tears: How the Dentist Can Be Your Child's Best Friend!

Child Dentistry

Many people are anxious to visit the dentist. Children even more so than adults. A positive visit to the dentist for a routine checkup can change your child’s life for the better. Your child will observe and listen to the instructions given by the dentist and follow them at home.

At our clinic, we put extra detail in taking care of your child. The environment and staff are friendly and we make sure the procedures are painless and short. Our brightly colored dental chairs also catch their eyes! We make sure that your kid’s dental visit is a memorable one so that they can let go of their fear and return to us back with a smile!

Interactive instruments like animal-shaped plunger cases for injections are used. We also make sure to play relaxing tunes to put your mind at ease and also to calm down your little one.

It is very important for children, as patients, to visit the dentist regularly for checkups. This is because children are unable to take proper care of their teeth on their own. Without proper care, they can get tooth decay and gum disease. The pain from a cavity irritates them and keeps them up at night. This affects not only their mood but their general health as well.

Dr Saqib Minhas and his team excel in pediatric dentistry. We provide the child and his parent amiable environment to make dental experience genial and amicable…We believe that it is important that there should be a positive health gain from any treatment that is provided.

You might have some thoughts and queries regarding your child’s dental visit.

Here we have answered the most common questions to put your mind at ease:

How early can I take my child to visit the dentist?

You can take your child for a visit to the dentist as soon as their first tooth pops up.

How often should I take my child to visit the dentist?

It is a good idea to visit the dentist with your child every 6 months.

What treatments can my child get at the dentist?

  • A check-up
  • A fluoride treatment
  • Habit counseling ( like thumb sucking and bottle or pacifier use)
  • Assessment for braces
  • Fillings
  • Dental injuries
  • Treatment of gum disease
  • Scaling and polishing
  • Extractions and minor surgical procedures

Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can be caused by various problems. Oral examination can help determine the cause.

Broken or Chipped Tooth

Chipped teeth can be treated either by cosmetic bonding or porcelain restoration.

Cavities & Decay

We use modern technology to detect decay in the earliest stages, saving and preserving your teeth.

Tooth Stains

We offer a couple of whitening procedures to brighten your teeth and return the smile yo tour face.