Dental Implants: 9 Ways How They Can Change Your Life!

Dental implants are titanium based posts similar to a tooth root that are placed in your jawbone after a minor surgical procedure. Your dentist will place an artificial tooth or a bridge on these implants once the area heals. Unlike a denture, an implant is fixed. They are very good for your oral hygiene.

Now, you must have questions, to find out more about implants, read on below:

What are dental implants?


Dental Implants have 3 parts:

  • The implant: A screw that acts as a root for your new tooth
  • An abutment: A connector that holds the tooth, that is removable by your doctor
  • The crown: The part of the tooth that you can see. These are usually made of porcelain or zirconium.

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants are tooth replacements that are fused to your jawbone. They provide stability and support to your jaw. Any bridge or denture that rests on an implant won’t slip in your mouth. This is a great help when you speak or eat. Which is exactly why an implant feels more natural and secure than any crown or bridge.

Why are implants the right choice for you?

  • There are 9 benefits of implants over any other tooth-replacement:

    • They offer a permanent solution.
    • They improve chewing and speaking.
    • They offer natural function and look.
    • They improve your facial appearance.
    • They prevent bone loss from your jaw.
    • No special aftercare is required after getting an implant.
    • They are very sturdy and secure.
    • No diet restrictions need to be followed, you can easily continue on with your lifestyle.
    • Implants can be changed or updated depending on the situation of your mouth.


Implants can be a great choice for you. You don’t need to worry about a missing tooth anymore! Go ahead and smile with confidence! To learn more about implants, feel free to book an appointment for a consultation.

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