An excellent way to straighten crooked and misaligned teeth, Orthodontics is a dental specialty which restores function and aesthetics, resulting in a beautifully healthy smile.

Orthodontic treatment is offered for both, children and adults, however, it is recommended that children with orthodontic concerns visit a specialist between ages 7 through 9. These time constraints are not necessarily based on age, but rather on the stage of development of the child. That is because excessive problems are best addressed at an early age.

Orthodontic treatment via braces can protect the occlusion, improve comfort, maximize functionality of the teeth, and create a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing smile that will help increase your confidence.

We at The Dental Clinic thoroughly evaluate each individual orthodontic case via a clinical examination combined with evaluative x-rays and impression models to formulate a personalized treatment plan.

The initial consultations combined with the treatment plan gives the patient an estimate of what can be expected during the treatment phase as well as an approximate time duration. The standard treatment phase is considered two years, however, the success of the treatment is largely dependent on patient compliance amongst other factors.